snirc: Chat Applet on SorceryNet IRC


This applet rose out of a desire to have a fast, clean chat applet so that Webmasters (and Webmistresses) could point their web pages to their channels on SorceryNet.


SorceryNet was founded in 1996 as a technically superior, frindly palace for folks to chat. It's main tenets are you own your channels and nicknames, adults can talk to adults about whatever they wish (if it's legal) and your privacy is protected (unless we're contacted by some recognized law enforcement organization.


You may retrieve the source on this page to see how it's done. The file chat.html contains the following code:

<PARAM NAME="Server" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="Port" VALUE="9000">
<PARAM NAME="Channel" VALUE="#help">
<PARAM NAME="AllowChannelChange" VALUE="Yes">
<PARAM NAME="FontName" VALUE="Monospaced">
<PARAM NAME="FontSize" VALUE="12">
<PARAM NAME="Foreground" VALUE="000000">
<PARAM NAME="Barebones" VALUE="No">
<PARAM NAME="Nick" VALUE="cl00bie">

Substitute your channel name for the #help channel in the example, and decide if you want to allow those using the applet on your page to change channels by changing the "AllowChannelChange" parameter value to either "Yes" or "No". Set the parameter "BareBones" to "Yes" if you'd like a very basic applet without the nick change or channel change button.

Substitute the URL for your help files, and channel list respectively for "HelpURL" and "ListURL" VALUEs. If you are on SorceryNet these are not required, as a matter of fact it's discouraged that you use them since the files are maintained without your intervention and are the most accurate.

[Click to Chat Now!]

Note: It might take a short while to load the chat window, please be patient :) If you pre-load Java in your browser you can avoid that wait after the click (but you have to put up with it at the beginning.)

Also, this particular instance of the java applet is the very latest test snapshot. It may be flaky and not behave like you expect.

Browser Requirements

This applet requires a browser which understands JRE 1.1. This encludes IE4, or Netscape 4.05+ (for example).

Mailing List

Webmasters who use the snirc chat applet (especially those using it with a channel on SorceryNet) are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the snirc Webmaster's mailing list. This is a REALLY low traffic announcement list telling you all about changes to the applet. In most cases enhancements will be transparent to the Webmaster, or user. However in rare cases we may be forced to alter the <APPLET> tag, breaking your particular link to the applet. We would like to warn you well in advance of this, but if you are not on the list, we won't be able to.

To subscribe to the list, click this link.

snirc FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions with Answers)

Q: I try to connect to my favorite IRC server with the applet, and I get: "*** Attempting connection to on port 6667 Sorry. Unable to make connection to server." What's the deal?
A: This is a limitation of Java, and actually a very good one. For security purposes, an applet is not able to connect to an IRC server which is not on the same computer as the web server serving the applet classes.

What this means is that you have a couple of choices.

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